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About Us

HC Drilling Professionals was founded by drillers with decades of drilling experience. Each of us started at the bottom working on drill rigs and into increasing levels of responsibility at small, medium, large, and multi-national drilling companies. We know drilling and the drilling industry. We’re passionate about drilling and rising to the challenges of complex drilling projects. You can count on us to be a trusted partner; open and transparent every step of the way.

HC Drilling Professionals is small and nimble so we can adapt quickly. When conditions change, we change with them. We manage each project strategically in order to achieve outstanding results at competitive rates.

Our vision: safely deliver world-class drilling without the fancy price tag.

We arrive at your site with the right drilling equipment, proven methods, and a great team of drillers dedicated to completing your project safely, on-budget, and on-schedule.

Our Values

Our core values are simple.

  • Safety. Safety is our top priority. Safety for your job site; safety for our employees. We plan for safety, use processes that promote safety, and hire great people who value their own safety and that of others.
  • Training. Constant training. We achieve objectives by consistently using proven systems across the breadth and depth of our organization including scheduling, estimating, processes, and procedures.
  • Equipment. Buy good, solid drilling equipment that is versatile and maintain it well. Management, office, shop, and field all play important roles in ensuring every piece of equipment in the field is in top working condition.
  • Management expertise in the field. Train constantly, respond quickly to changing conditions, and monitor to ensure safe execution.

Drilling Licenses

We hold drilling licenses in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington.


Serving clients in the great states of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington.

Safety, great people, well-maintained equipment, and rigorous standards. Working on this foundation, we consistently arrive prepared to get your job done to your complete satisfaction.

Meet our team – professional, experienced, and ready to put their skills to work for you.

Learn more about our safety program – trainings, meetings, assessments, and more.

Contact us today to talk with a drilling professional about your project.


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HC Drilling Professionals
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