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Safety from the Core

Safety First and Always

Drilling is inherently dangerous. Everyone at HC Drilling Professionals cares deeply about the safety of our crews and the safety of your job. Making sure that everyone on the project site goes home safely at the end of the day is our top priority.

Safety Plan for Your Drilling Project

Before rigs are dispatched to your project, our Safety Director, Jeff Goff, prepares and distributes a safety plan specific to your project. Your safety plan supplements our extensive safety processes, to address all potential safety risks specifically related to your drilling project.

Risk Assessment on Every Shift

Every shift on an HC Drilling Professionals job starts and ends with a risk assessment. Our professionals complete a daily Site Safety Card at the start of every shift and at the end of every shift. Our site reports include a checklist of items to be inspected, but they don’t end there. Each report is designed to ensure our crews think through potential safety hazards at every step of your project. Every report includes identification of hazards for each task, review of job site assessments, and documentation of any deficiencies along with information about who corrected them.

T.R.A.C.K.ing Throughout Each Shift

In addition to drilling site reports, every time a critical task changes during a shift, your drilling team completes a T.R.A.C.K. Assessment.

  • T – Think through the task
  • R – Recognize the hazards
  • A – Assess the risk
  • C – Control the hazards
  • K – Keep safety first at all times

Completing a T.R.A.C.K. Assessment requires thinking about the task at hand and the possible hazards, and then planning to control those hazards. The goal of every assessment is to take a safety pause to ensure we are always drilling at the speed of safety.

HC Drilling Professionals Safety Values

Beyond risk assessments, as work proceeds, our crews follow our Golden Rules for Safety on every job:

  1. Stop any unsafe acts immediately.
  2. Only work when you are fit to do the job.
  3. Conduct a risk assessment before starting any activities.
  4. Use the correct tools and safety equipment for the job.
  5. Maintain a safe body position at all times.
  6. Ensure no contact with any source of energy (rotating machinery, electricity, pressure in pipes and hoses, etc.) or hazardous substance.

Extensive Safety Measures

Our comprehensive safety program exceeds the requirements of our client’s safety programs. Our safety training and awareness starts with the moment our crew member sets out for their job site through their drive home.

  • Site-specific safety plan for each drilling project
  • Site visits and oversight by Jeff Goff, Safety Director
  • Safety training: MSHA, OSHA, and HAZWOPER
  • Safety meetings
  • Safety certifications
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Well-maintained rigs and equipment
  • Additional safety features installed on drill rigs and supporting equipment
  • Task training for each piece of equipment
  • Random drug testing; zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol
  • Equipment maintenance records
  • Driving and load safety

Drilling at the Speed of Safety

Our crews don’t just talk about safety. They think it, feel it, live it. Every job, every day.

Territory: Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington state.

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