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Environmental Drilling

Soil or groundwater contamination: the words your client never wants to hear. Whether contamination has happened or not, our experienced drilling crews can help you get accurate results when establishing a baseline, remediating, and monitoring for changes.

Drilling at Your Site

Establishing a baseline, monitoring, and remediation can involve drilling through a variety of substrates – alluvial soils, clays, hard rock, or a combination of materials – this can require using several drilling methods. Your HC Drilling Professionals drill rig operator has the skills and experience to determine the most effective method for the conditions, efficiently switch drilling methods as needed, often using just one drill rig, then promptly continuing to ensure your drilling project is completed safely, cost-effectively, and on-schedule.

  • Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Direct Air Rotary Drilling
  • Air Rotary Casing Hammer (ARCH) Drilling
  • Coring
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling

Accurate Monitoring

A variety of methods are used to monitor soil and groundwater for contamination. Our drilling teams have the experience and equipment to drill to your exact specifications such as:

  • Install monitoring wells
  • Install piezometers
  • Collect groundwater, soil, or vapor samples
  • and more


Have contaminants been detected in the soil or groundwater at your project site? Your teams at HC Drilling Professionals have extensive experience with a wide range of remediation methods. Depending on the situation, extraction wells can be an effective way to remediate groundwater contamination by extracting, treating, then re-injecting groundwater.


A clean work site is important for every project, and especially so for environmental drilling. Our experienced drilling crews take every precaution to ensure no contaminates are introduced into your site or samples. Our drilling teams follow rigorous processes and maintain high standards from start to finish.

Reliable People and Equipment

Each member of your HC Drilling Professionals team knows that you have requirements to fulfill and deadlines to meet. Everyone, from our shop mechanics who maintain every piece of equipment before it leaves for your job site, to your on-site drilling crew, is prepared and has the expertise to complete your project on schedule. Even with the best preparation, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. We have abundant backup support in place for your drilling team to minimize any downtime and complete your project on schedule.

From start to finish, you can count on our team of drilling experts to offer recommendations and suggestions that can help you get the results you need safely, cost-effectively, and timely.

Drilling at the Speed of Safety

The safety of your drilling project is important to you – and to us. We place a high priority on every worker going home safely at the end of every shift. Every crew member completes extensive safety training, conducts periodic safety assessments and follows safety practices throughout each day, wears protective gear, uses safety equipment, and uses rigs that are in top shape, many of which have additional safety upgrades. Drilling is dangerous, so we take extra care to make it safe  for everyone at work as well as for the environment you are protecting.

Territory. Providing environmental drilling in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington state.

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