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Irrigation Water Well Drilling

Anything you grow requires water, whether you’re a rancher, farmer, a vintner, or a grower of any sort. Reliable wells on your own property can mean the difference between success and failure and give welcome peace of mind – knowing you have abundant water when you need it.

While we can’t promise you water, our drillers have an excellent track record of success and relish the challenge of drilling successful irrigation water wells in locations many well drillers won’t even consider. Your team of drilling experts at HC Drilling Professionals has decades of experience drilling irrigation wells in complex settings with difficult challenges, including volcanics, fractures, fault lines, and soil composition that changes through the depth of the hole.

We realize that long before your drilling team arrives, knowing the quality and quantity of water your well may produce is at the forefront of your mind. We have developed methods to show you water samples and estimates of water quantities as early as possible.

Drilling irrigation wells where you need them, the size you need, to the depth you need

Is your soil:

  • Alluvial
  • Clays
  • Hard rock
  • a combination

You will have an experienced team who knows how to drill through all types of formations and zones to reach the aquifer, keep the hole open, install your pump, and get your water flowing.

Your irrigation well drilling team will typically use one drill rig that is designed to perform a variety of drilling methods. As soil conditions change, your team will adjust the drilling method. Drilling your irrigation well might include any of the following drilling methods:

  • Casing advance
  • Air rotary
  • Mud rotary
  • Underreaming
  • Flooded reverse

Using one rig and changing drilling methods within a single hole, means your drilling can proceed to the depth you need at the site you want, in a full range of diameters. It is also efficient and cost-effective – saving you time and money.

Regulatory Compliance

You can rest assured your irrigation water wells will be drilled in compliance with all applicable regulations including county, state, and industrial standards and requirements.


If your well is underproducing or your water flow has diminished, remediation can often increase your water flow. We use several remediation methods including mechanical and chemical, depending on the circumstances.

Safety Throughout Your Irrigation Well Drilling Project

Water exploration often means deep wells; deep wells can involve more potential risk. Every irrigation water well drill rig is outfitted with tooling to minimize risk and promote safe conditions. Safety procedures and checks are documented and followed throughout to ensure everyone on your drilling project watches for and addresses potential safety concerns before moving on. Safety on every job is a top priority every shift and every day we work on your project. Our Safety procedures are designed to send everyone home safely at the end of each day.

Territory. Irrigation drilling in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington state.

Dedicated to Your Success

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