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Mud and Air Rotary Drill Rigs

​Our fleet of mud and air rotary drill rigs includes technologically advanced, powerful, versatile, and compact drill rigs ready to safely and promptly compete your drilling project no matter what types of challenges your drilling site or project may present.


GEFCO Speedstar 30K air and mud rotary combination rigs represent the most technologically advanced rigs available to the drilling industry.

These drill rigs are unique in their ability to perform a wide range of drilling tasks with minimal reconfiguration, including:

  • Air rotary casing hammer (ARCH)
  • Mitsubishi under-reaming
  • Direct air rotary
  • Mud rotary
  • Dual-tube reverse circulation
  • 94 mm wireline coring
  • Down-hole hammer

Rigs are relatively compact for excellent accessibility, quick operational setup, and rig movement/decontamination.

Superior features of these rigs include:

  • Deck-mounted air compressors
  • Mud pumps
  • Injection pumps
  • Cyclone to separate drill cuttings

This onboard equipment decreases the site footprint and move time between locations by eliminating the need for auxiliary and external air and mud circulation equipment.


The TH60DH drill rig is a mid-weight, truck-powered, hydraulic, tophead drive drill rig. The drill is designed for municipal water well drilling, irrigation water well drilling, and other applications requiring air or mud rotary and down-hole hammer drilling methods.

  • Drills wells up to 20 inches in diameter
  • Drills to depths of 1,600 feet
  • Single engine design
  • Reduced noise and deck congestion

The TH60DH is a versatile rig:

  • Air rotary drilling
  • Mud rotary drilling
  • Air rotary casing hammer (ARCH)
  • Reverse circulation drilling
  • Underreaming


Powerful and compact, the T130XD rig delivers a fast set-up and small footprint for your site, drilling 14 to 20-inch wells to depths of 2,500 – 1,600 feet, respectively. We often use the T130XD drill rig when drilling municipal and mining water wells and other mining drilling because of its power and ability to easily reach deep aquifers.

  • Air rotary drilling
  • Mud rotary drilling
  • Reverse circulation drilling
  • Flooded reverse drilling

The T130XD rig is delivered with a package of support equipment to get your job one efficiently and on-schedule.

  • Loadsafe hydraulic automated rod loader
  • Mud system with two 700 gpm Mongoose shakers with desander and desilter
  • Dog house support center with welder, torches, parts, fittings, and tooling
  • Skid-mounted genset house
  • 400-gallon cement and mud mixer
  • Light plants
  • 6-inch centrifugal transfer pump
  • Dual-wall fuel cell
  • Backhoe
  • Telehandler forlikft/manlift
  • Water truck
  • Air compressor 1,000 CFM at 350 PSI
  • Ford F-250 4 x 4 crew trucks

Versatile, powerful, well-maintained equipment and an experienced team of drilling professions are ready to complete your project safely, on-schedule, and to your complete satisfaction.

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