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Municipal Water Supply Drilling

Is your municipality short on water? Get the water you need, whether you have outgrown your water supply or run short because your municipal water wells no longer meet water standards.

Drilling for water exploration in municipalities is more than just a quest for clean, abundant water. Successfully drilling in populated areas includes addressing the regulatory, political, and social needs of your community. Our drilling teams have extensive experience working with municipalities to successfully address concerns while tapping into new and plentiful water resources.

Wells of Any Size and Purpose

Where are you in your water expansion process? Do you need:

  • Small wells for test or pilot drilling
  • Zonal sampling
  • Ream out of test wells for production
  • Large scale production wells

HC Drilling Professionals has rigs sized for all of your water drilling projects. Our experienced crews drill through any soils, adjusting drilling methods as needed to drill through changing substrates to keep your well drilling on schedule.

Community-Friendly Drill Rigs and Processes

Drilling in residential areas often means drilling in tight quarters during limited hours. Our small-footprint rigs enable our municipal water supply drilling crews to drill large diameter wells with minimal impact on families and neighborhoods. Noise, light, dirt, and other potential nuisances that often accompany well drilling are mitigated to keep our presence as unremarkable as possible. Our aim is to help ensure your community is happy with the process and their new water supply. It’s important to you to have good interactions with your community residents over the life of your drilling project, so it’s important to us.

Keeping your Municipal Water Well on Schedule

When you’re planning new neighborhoods or expanding existing ones, water drilling may be only the first step, but one that needs to be done before the rest of your development. When there’s a lot riding on your timing, delays in drilling can lead to a domino effect of delays in your development project. We mitigate the potential for downtime with the help of our large team of in-house support services: 50 welders, builders, and fabricators have our back to keep our rigs running efficiently so your well drilling project runs smoothly and is completed on-schedule.

Remediating and Abandoning Wells

If your wells are underperforming, mechanical or chemical remediation may improve water flow. In some cases, it is more effective to seal the top section and drill deeper. Often, the most cost-effective solution is to abandon an underperforming well and drill new ones. By properly abandoning your wells, your aquifer is protected and all local and state requirements are fulfilled.


Water well drilling and water well abandonment includes substantial paperwork and documentation. Our team submits required paperwork on schedule, whether required before or after the actual well drilling or abandonment. If your team is handling some of all of the paperwork, our team will double check that all such requirements are completed before drilling commences. When your well drilling or abandonment is completed, you will receive complete documentation for your files including local and state permits and reports. Our goal is to meet or exceed your standards and expectations on every project.

Safety First and Always

Drilling on your city streets is intrinsically dangerous. You know that and we know that.  Our well drilling crews check in with site safety assessments at the beginning and end of every shift, and at every major change within shifts. Safety is always a top priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your job site is safe and that everyone goes home safely every day and every shift.

Territory. Municipal water drilling in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Dedicated to Your Success

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