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Reverse Circulation Drill Rigs

Reverse circulation drilling delivers significant benefits:

  • High penetration rates
  • Samples are high quality and reliable
  • Modest environmental impact
  • Timely and cost-effective
  • Well-suited to harsh environments

Our reverse circulation rigs are designed for both flooded reverse drilling and air-assisted reverse. All of our reverse circulation rigs are capable of several drilling methods in addition to reverse circulation. This flexibility helps to manage costs, keep your project on schedule, and enables our drillers to deliver the results you need no matter what types of formations and soils we encounter during your project.


The T130XD is a truck-mounted powerhouse with a 130,000 pound hoist and 50 foot top head travel. Despite its power, the T130XD is fast to setup and has a small footprint. This rig is perfect for mine exploration and water supply wells. Using reverse circulation, this rig drills water wells up to 32 inches in diameter.

Automated features of the T130XD Telemast improve safety and require fewer crew members to operate – managing costs and delivering results promptly.

  • The hydraulic Schramm Telemast is self-leveling for fast, easy rig setup
  • The LoadSafe automatic pipe handler improves safety and eliminates the need for a derrick man
  • The power breakout makes and breaks tool joints for swift and safe operation

Four Drilling Methods. The T130XD is designed to transition between four drilling methods.

  • Reverse circulation drilling
  • Flooded reverse drilling
  • Air rotary drilling
  • Mud rotary drilling

A truck-mounted T130HD rig with an experienced drill crew is ready to deliver the results you need.


The TH60DH is a truck-powered, mid-weight, hydraulic, tophead drive drill rig. The TH60DH is capable of drilling vertical reverse circulation holes to 1,600+ feet. Like our other rigs, the ambitious TH60DH is dependable and flexible.

  • The Cyclone® rig operating system is designed for speed with safety and requires fewer crew members
  • Onboard carousel holds 420 feet of 4.5 inch drill pipe for safe, quick loading
  • Telehandler forklift and manlift safely manages heavy loads
  • Quieter than many other rigs, thanks to its single engine design

Five Drilling Methods. The versatile TH60DH drill rig easily handles five types of drilling with minimal reconfiguration.

  • Reverse circulation drilling
  • Air rotary drilling
  • Mud rotary drilling
  • Air rotary casing hammers (ARCH)
  • Underreaming

With this flexible drill rig on your project, you can get the results you need cost-effectively and on-schedule.

These versatile reverse circulation drill rigs, their teams of expert drillers, and the support crew behind them are ready to deliver results for your projects.

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